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Great News!No more prickly! Hello silky, smooth skin!

We teamed up with the best available technology for laser hair removal!

Hi there, smoothaholics! We have the greatest news to spread! Soon you can indulge yourself with endless AND lasting smoothenes... Wherever you like! Tigerlily Hair Removal Experts went one step forward into latest 21st century!!! We bought the newest and best laser technology on the market to serve our one and only purpose - Make you the smoothest, dramatically hairless and softest skin EVER! Aaawww... We're SO excited and hope you will be, too! This technology allows us to press the forward button because its results are much faster seen as in other laser technologies used. Patience was never our greatest skill and by the way... If women want something REALLY bad... How can we be patient, right? That's why this thing is FAST! Thanks to THREE different laser technologies united in this little precious baby, we bought for us all to be the Queens of smoothness! Go on afterwards and ask snowwhites mirror if there is any other more hairless than you? There will be just US... The Tigerlily smoothaholics! Sorry, we are still not done with all the good news... Even the most sensitive skin holders can be part of it because this technology even works on every skin or hairtype! I know, I know... It's simply AWESOME, right? You'll be gorgeous! As you will understand we can't be liable for all the consequences this smoothness will cause... Are you in anyway? So go ahead and benefit of our launching specials! Ps you can see our pricelist on our website For booking requests please send us a mail or give us a call. See you soon.

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